empowering women, men & couples

What is empowerment? We think it’s all about bringing out inner strength and developing a new sense of confidence. How? By showing people that feeling beautiful and sexy brings out that confidence. We’re a boudoir studio at Toronto that photographs based on emotion and expression. We like to challenge societal norms when it comes to sexiness and how you’re “allowed” to express yourself this way. This boudoir photographer of Toronto want to show you a sexier side of yourself that only a session with us can bring out.


Sessions with Provocateur Images are personalized for you as we seek your input to get the look that is perfect for you


All of our finished products are crafted with the finest materials. We specialize in albums, wall art and image boxes


We take your privacy VERY seriously and will not share, display or distribute your images without your permission


Provocateur Images is a professional boudoir studio and boudoir is all we do. We shoot out of our commercial studio in Toronto

Real People. Real Boudoir.

Be Bold. Be Provocative. Be You

Provocateur Images is going to unapologetically show you that you can be that person on the cover of a magazine. That you can love your body. That you can express yourself sexually. Our shooting style is a blend a style of modern and vintage in our downtown Toronto boudoir photography studio. We’re like that awesome stylish leather jacket on someone riding a vintage motorcycle both conveying a confidence and attitude that screams sexy! We’re going to inspire you to see yourself differently and make a statement that all your friends will be in envy of when they see and hear about your experience with us.

We’re Boudoir Specialists

At Provocateur Images we are specialists in making everyone look and feel amazing. We photograph everyday people and we use body language and coach emotions to create beautiful images for our clients that make a meaningful and lasting impression on them for the rest of their lives. We encourage confidence, strength and the notion that you’re going to be in charge or your sexuality and that it’s OK to be sexy on your terms. Not what society tells us. Ultimately what we do at Provocateur Images is make everyone feel incredible and show them that sexy is a mindset not a measurement.

So what are you waiting for? We’d love to have you as a client!

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