Pose Coaching

At almost every consultation I’m told by new clients that they feel a little bit nervous and that they won’t know what to do at their shoot. I’m told that they don’t look good in photos and they are worried about what to do with their hands, face and other body parts. That’s okay… Neither did anyone else […]

How To Have An Amazing Boudoir Session

In order to figure out if a boudoir shoot is right for you, its important to have a good understanding of what boudoir photography is all about. There’s a misconception that a boudoir shoot requires you to be naked which is not necessarily true. How much you wear is completely up to you. At Provocateur Images we can make you look sexy in everyday clothes or nothing at all. Sexy is a mindset not about what you wear… or don’t wear. What we’d like to do is share with you some ideas to make your session the most memorable and get the best results.