Plus Size Boudoir Photography

Girls With Curves Are Awesome! Sometimes we hear some of our potential plus size boudoir clients say that they could never look like the women in our plus size boudoir photography gallery on our website because they are afraid that they need to be a certain size for boudoir. That is so not true… Boudoir is about embracing […]

Pose Coaching

At almost every consultation I’m told by new clients that they feel a little bit nervous and that they won’t know what to do at their shoot. I’m told that they don’t look good in photos and they are worried about what to do with their hands, face and other body parts. That’s okay… Neither did anyone else […]

We’re Better Than A Selfie

Come on ladies admit it… You’ve taken selfies before, and maybe some of us more than others. Since all of our smartphones started taking pictures it’s become quite popular to snap a sexy pic of yourself in the bedroom, in front of the mirror, with and without clothes and for what reason? Probably to feel sexy, to feel desired by your partner. There’s nothing quite like that rush of feeling very sexual and very sensual all while feeling a bit naughty