I’ve tried to list off all of the common questions that I have been asked over the years of shooting boudoir for women, men and couples. But of course, if there is something not in my FAQ that you want to know please contact me. I’d be happy to answer your questions.

Haha no. It may look like that but almost every single person you see on the site is someone just like you. Someone that knew nothing about posing in front of the camera or what expression to use. If they can do it, so can you! I photograph people of all types. Tall, short curvy, thin, it doesn’t matter what your body shape is because sexiness is a mindset not a measurement.

I shoot out of my own studio called Vintage Light Studios just outside downtown Toronto. My space is a body positive and professional studio. It’s got lots of shooting props, multiple sets and a vintage loft feel. I know you’ll love it there. Vintage Light is located at 9 Davies Ave with convenient TTC and highway access.

I sure do! If you want we can meet at my studio or at a coffee shop a little closer to you. I also offer phone consultations if you’re from out of town. Our consultations are no obligation and it’s a great chance for you to see my finished products and get to know me. If you’d like to book a consult please call me at 647 273 8579

I totally understand. Privacy is at the core of my operating principals. I routinely say that I have the world’s greatest portfolio I can never show anyone. The only time I can use an image from your session will be if it is completely anonymous. That means your face has to be obscured, tattoos or identifying marks removed and of course, I will NEVER use your real name. When you see images on my site where people have their face showing they have signed off with a separate release that states they have allowed that. All in all, I will do everything in my power to respect your privacy.

I’ve heard that many times before and to that I say bring on the challenge. I make people who tell me that look incredible all the time. With a little coaching and pose direction, you’ll be amazed how great you will look. The best reason to book with me is that I am a posing expert and will coach you on pose, body language and expression. It’s way easier than you think if you have the right pose coach!

Not unless you want to. Your boudoir photo series is based on your level of comfort. When you book I send over a questionnaire which will ask you what your comfort level with nudity is.

Yes… For the first 5-10 minutes maybe. Let’s face it, it isn’t every day you wake up get your hair and makeup done, then get in front of camera in your underwear. So it can feel a bit weird, but I promise that goes away in no time. Boudoir is all about letting go of inhibitions and personal hangups, and seeing yourself in a whole new light. Overcoming that weird feeling is the first step. By the end of the session you’ll be thinking, weird? There’s no weird here… Why did I feel weird? And then want to do it all over again.

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Absolutely! If you have pose ideas I’m happy to incorporate them into your session. If you have ideas regarding the set and specific looks, I’ll make it happen. If you are interested in personalizing your session, make sure to visit our Pinterest Page for ideas!

Oh goodness no! I photograph all types of couples straight, gay and lesbian. Also, more guys have started booking sessions to surprise their significant others which is super cool.