Whenever you do a boudoir shoot for yourself I call it a Me Session. Me Sessions are personalized boudoir photography sessions devoted entirely to you because you’re doing them specifically for… YOU! There are many awesome reasons for doing a boudoir session and many are because you want to do it as a gift for a partner. That’s cool and all but why not do something like this for yourself?

Maybe it’s because you have a birthday coming up. Maybe it’s because you achieved a milestone in life. Or maybe it’s just because this is something on your bucket list. Whatever the reason, this is an amazing experience that you’ll never forget.

When you sign up for a boudoir session with Provocateur Images, hair and makeup is always included and you can start planning your session down to the last detail with me. If you have a specific look you like or want to work in a part of yourself I’m happy to do it!

You can feel confident to express yourself and to hell with how society tells how women should be able to express themselves sexually. This is a chance for you to be you… Maybe you’ll even find a different side of you that you’ll come to embrace.

I’ve recently done some very special Me Sessions with some amazing women and you can see what they had to say about their amazing boudoir experience. Each of these series has videos and image galleries with before and after images too.

Toronto Boudoir


Toronto boudoir photo studio


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Boudoir Photography Toronto



If you like what you see then let’s get you booked for a personalized boudoir session of your own