Toronto Boudoir


This is one of my dearest friends Den. Knowing Den has had a wonderful impact on my life and when she said that she wanted to come in for a session of her own in my Toronto boudoir studio and I of course had to say, “HELLS YEA!” Den and I are great friends and in a way our professional lives are very similar. We both help people. I help people see themselves in a positive light and encourage positive body image while Den helps them more internally with their own sexual desires and psychological hangups. You see Den is a sexologist (Sexplore With Den Temin) and let me tell you that there is never a dull conversation between the two of us. We are the best of friends and I’m so delighted that she did this.

I know Den as Den and there iS no other woman quite like her. She identifies as queer and isn’t the really girlie soft feminine type. Den does femininity her way which is different from all the lace and makeup you might associate with “feminine”. In this session she wanted to get in touch with her feminine side and we made her up and even used wig. For me, it was shocking seeing her in a way I’ve never seen her before. Her reaction was even more priceless when we spun around the makeup chair.

At the end of the boudoir session, it was hugs, high 5’s and smiles all around and it really was a special series for me because Den is such a close friend. I’m so proud of you Den and for allowing me to share this story with everyone.

Hair and Makeup: Linda Radan


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