Confidence Is So Sexy


This testimonial brought a real smile to my face. I love what I do because I get to change how someone sees themselves and I think that’s a really powerful impact you can have on another person’s life. Miss M came in because she wanted to give her soon to be husband something special. However, as is is the case all the time, she found out it was as much a gift for her as it was for him. Thanks for the testimonial Miss M and I’m so happy that he loved his gift and keep his eyes off the book and subsequently you…

Miss M’s Testimonial / Experience…

So I finally gave him the book. The wedding isn’t for 2 more weeks but we had a weekend without children this past weekend. It was amazing!!! The look on his face when he found the book waiting on the bed was something I’ll never forget. ( I was “showering”, putting on my corset and stuff, and spying on him) When I walked in he was mesmerized! It was an amazing night! I have already caught him looking at the book a few times and he’s only had it for a few days.

You have given me this confidence that I never had before, in the bedroom and out of it. It’s a very wonderful thing to see yourself as beautiful. Thank you for that.

Thank you again, you have no idea the gifts that you give people beyond the photographs you take. Xo

– Miss M

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