You know, I really believe that the best boudoir photos are heavily rooted in body language. It’s what makes boudoir and sensual images very different from other genres of photography. In classic portraiture, you’re usually making eye contact with the camera and then using your facial expression to create the mood of the photo. Body language then becomes secondary to the expression. When you take away the facial expression, however, you’re just left only with body language to create the mood. Body language is powerful and I think somewhat underrated when it comes to making a beautiful boudoir image. Believe it or not, by photographing just close up like this, it makes the session easier on my clients because you just need to move your hands to the right part of your body. And don’t worry, I’ll coach you down to your fingernails to get the right look.

I wanted to share this series that I did with my friend Liz who came by to model. Big shououts to her because she really took my direction really well. We had the mission to use only her hands to create a passionate, sensual set of photos. I usually shoot the odd close up shot in every photo series I do with clients but I wanted to push myself to see if I could use just the hands to create the right mood. It was definitely challenging just shooting details but I’d like to think that we got some really good shots.

Now if you like some of the ideas we had for this series, why don’t you visit my booking page so you can get more information. I’ve got a great information guide which has pricing and tons of other great details on a boudoir session at my Toronto studio.


If you like what you see then let’s get you booked for a personalized boudoir session of your own

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