OK, there are more than 3 reasons to come in for a mini session, but here are the top 3…


#1 Have an incredible time

A boudoir experience with Provocateur Images is super fun! It’s about letting go, laughing and trying something daring, risqué and provocative. We have champagne and snacks on hand for you and offer pose/expression coaching for you so you’ll look amazing. We’re really good at making anyone look like a supermodel and feeling even better. We know you’ll love getting in front of the camera and seeing a different side of yourself.

#2 Save Some Money

Mini sessions are set up to save you money. What happens is we have 4-7 people through the studio on the same day shooting on the same set so we save on costs and pass that right along to you. When you book a mini session you will save 20% on 8×10 and 9×12 hardcover books and 20% image boxes too. Those savings can range from $135 up to $155. You also get 4 retouched digital images with your session so it’s a great deal no matter how you look at it.

#3 Do Something Daring, Different & Outside The Box

A boudoir session is something that is way outside the norm for pretty much all of our customers. Many conversations with our client start out with, “I’ve never done anything like this before…” And you know what? That’s totally OK. We specialize in working with regular people and turning them into sensual, amazing, confident women. Because this experience is so out of the box for most women, that kind of ends up being the fun part… By pushing your own limits you’re going to find out what it means to express the sexier side of yourself. So if you’re doing it for that special someone or just doing it for you, you’re going to have an amazing experience.

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