Boudoir sessions are about feeling glamorous, sexy and confident. They aren’t about impressing someone else or producing the perfect image. At Provocateur Images, we put a lot of thought into each shoot and picture. We create a fun, creative environment at our Toronto studio where an experience that can be daunting for some women is as comfortable and natural as possible.

How do we do that? For starters, we aim to understand why our clients chose to have their portrait taken. Whether they are commemorating a special event or holiday, looking to build their portfolio, show off their fabulous figure or unleash their inner vixen, the results are always the same. Each Provocateur woman walks out of our Toronto studio with more self-assurance and swagger than when they entered. It’s that simple. Having your picture taken will increase your confidence and expression of sensuality. You will be at ease in your skin, your body and the world.

Allow us to help you out. Below, is a list of our top reasons to book a boudoir session.

Rediscover you.
Life is busy. It gets in the way. And many of us have become so caught up in the daily ‘grind’ that we don’t take time to look in the mirror and acknowledge that fantastic person staring back at us. It’s so much easier to find yourself in an artistic and creative portrait than in your looking glass. At Provocateur, we find our job truly rewarding. We have witnessed that powerful moment when a woman comes into our studio and walks out with her images as the alluring, sensual and confident beauty that she has always been.

Celebrate you now.
Before you know it, time will have passed you by. Be sure to celebrate all of life’s moments. Document your real beauty, now. Maybe you are going through a personal transition, achieved a major life goal, lost weight, ran a marathon, left an unhealthy relationship, or recently turned 40! Give yourself this gift of celebration. There’s no better moment than now.

Cherish the memories.
Have an upcoming occasion to commemorate? Surprise that special someone on a wedding day, Valentine’s Day, anniversary or birthday with the ideal gift – a set of your Boudoir images. They will thank you forever and you will feel great about sharing yourself with them.

Empower yourself.
Take back that notion of ideal beauty. Feel strong and confident in your personal style. Overcome your fears and inhibitions; take responsibility for how sexy you feel. Know that you are powerful and beautiful and shouldn’t be ashamed to show off your femininity, pride, and confident sexuality.

Honour your inner goddess.
Have you always wondered what makes a Picasso or Ruben painting so beautiful? It’s the artists’ depiction of true beauty with all the scars and imperfections. Take this opportunity to share your goddess qualities. Don’t wait to lose that last ten pounds or tone up. You have lived a real life and your body tells a story of sensuality and strength. Your images will show off your inner and outer beauty and be otherworldly.You will feel like a star!

Have fun.
At Provocateur, you can make your session all about you! Pick a genre and theme that fits your personality. Add accessories and props to your wardrobe. Add little touches that define your playful character and breathe energy into your images. It’s about enjoying the experience and revealing your fun and flirty side. It’s about indulging yourself and seizing the moment of you!

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