100% Of Men Love Boudoir

With wedding season coming up, soon many brides to be will spend a great deal of time researching what the perfect wedding day gift for him will be… Lets face it, guys are really hard impossible to shop for. It seems they have everything but you want to get him something personal, and something that will blow his mind but also show him how much yo love him…

Well you’re in luck because over the past number of years at Provocateur Images we’ve conducted extensive research that shows 100% of men loose their %@$&%ing minds when they see their partners in one of our luxurious boudoir albums. The reactions usually include speechlessness, babbling, drooling and smiles so big you won’t be able to help developing a huge smile of your own along with a sense of accomplishment. The greatest thing is that it’s the last thing they expect from their lovers so it’s such a surprise for them their reactions are priceless…

We’re Toronto bridal boudoir specialists and the reason so many brides to be book with us is because we specialize in this genre of photography. We are pose coaching experts and masters of bringing out the right emotion in you. We make everyday women look like cover models. We have a personalized approach to planning your session that creates an element of uniqueness that he’ll love.

In response to our question above… Will he love a gift like this? Yes he absolutely will! Here’s a reaction from a client’s husband and few of the images from her book.


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