What a year this has been for us at Provocateur Images. 2017 was a game changer and we couldn’t be happier. I’ll start out by saying that as a company we had to stop saying “I” and “me” and replace it with “us” and “we” because my team grew. I’d been flying solo for 5 years but this year I hired a studio manager because I was getting swamped with backend work. Valentina has been nothing short of amazing as she helps with so much of the backend work. From scheduling, blogging lnstagraming and so much more. It’s great that my business has grown enough to allow this addition. Welcome aboard Val I I’m looking forward to great things in 2018!

Not to take anything away from hiring Val because she’s awesome, by far the biggest and most amazing change to Provocateur Images has been the move from my shared studio space to our own, enormous dedicated boudoir studio. We call it Vintage Light studios (VLS) and it’s 1800 square feet of boudoir photography awesomeness. We’ve got many great sets to shoot on and great props too. When I moved into VLS, it was very different than it is now. I took down walls, painted, drywalled, wallpapered, furnished, decorated and a million other things. It took the better part of a year to complete all the renovations but now that they are done, the studio looks so amazing! I also don’t want to see another can of paint or a hammer again… LOL

This year I also started mentoring a number of new photographers. Teaching has always been one of my passions. Until now, I’ve been largely teaching photography techniques but I have a love for teaching the art of photography business. So many photographers are very talented but they can’t run a business so showing new photographs how to successfully run their businesses has been such a great reward for me. I’m so proud of the folks I’ve been mentoring as they have taken great strides forward and are starting to see some great income from their photography businesses. I’m so happy to educate the next wave of photographs so that we keep the photography market strong in Toronto.

Lastly, this year we had over 100 amazing people through the studio for boudoir sessions. I’m humbled that so many women and couples have come in for boudoir sessions. They all came in for different reasons. Some it was a reward for themselves. Others it was a gift for their partner. We shot a lot more couples and they all left with a new connection to each other and found that couples boudoir is truly the MOST fun you can have on date night. Whatever the reason they came in we’ve shown all of them a sexier side of themselves. I’d like to extend a heart felt thanks to each of them for choosing Provocateur Images.

The most amazing thing about being a boudoir photographer is seeing the positive impact we have on our customers. I honestly could never envision doing anything else. I’d like to thank all of my clients from 2017 and I hope to see you in 2018 for a boudoir session of your own!

P.S. I’d also like to shout out my amazing hair and makeup stylists Jen & Carmina that worked so hard with me this year and transformed everyday ladies just like you into complete knockouts!




We’ve got an amazing info guide that has information that covers what to expect, what to wear, info about the studio, pricing and so much more. Seriously, you really need a copy and it will help you start planning your dream boudoir session.

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