As a Toronto boudoir photographer, in every boudoir session there are a few photos I absolutely need to take and one of these is the Epic Bum Shot. To take an epic bum shot a few things need to be present: a good pose and most importantly, flattering underwear. Flattering underwear is all about the fit—tighter is not necessarily better. In fact, it’s always better to have underwear that is a tad too big because with the right posing, no one will even notice. The one piece of advice when shopping for the right underwear is to avoid thin straps. Thongs, t-strings and g-strings are also not the best options for most shots. And ladies, despite the world telling you that guys only like thongs, that’s a myth I’d like to dispell right now.

So with these tips in mind, here are the three best types of underwear to make your bum look a-mazing!


These are modeled after women’s bikini bottoms. Both provide full bum coverage but what will change between the two is the angle at which they will go from the lower bum to the hips. Also, the height of the sides is usually shorter and more strappy with a tanga cut. The one thing to watch out for on this style is how “strappy” the sides are. Some of these styles will have a higher hip side that joins the front and back which is ideally what you want.


This style of undies generally goes straight around the waist. Cheeky cuts will cover just above the bum and extend to roughly the middle of the bum allowing the bottom of the bum to be seen. It’s a really sexy look especially if you have a fuller apple bum. If your bum isn’t as round you might want to avoid this cut. However, if you have awesome curves, sometimes this cut can be very flattering for your figure.


High waisted underwear has made a comeback recently. While they used to be called “granny panties” these days they come in plenty of different styles that look beautiful and are extremely comfortable. They look really good on EVERY body type and should never be underestimated in your wardrobe selection. You can pair them with stockings for that vintage look too! These are definitely the most underrated type of underwear you can get.


The commonality between all of these styles is that they all provide full (or mostly full in the case of the cheeky style) bum coverage. Underwear with full bum coverage is the most flattering on all body types and make your bum look amazing. Leaving a little to the imagination can be incredibly sexy and underwear like the ones we’ve listed are great examples of this.
Now that you have a much better idea of what’s going to make your bum look fantastic, you should come down to my Toronto Boudoir Studio and book a session so I can show you just how flattering these styles can be in photos.


All images used with permission


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