You’re thinking about booking a boudoir session and you’re all excited to take the leap into an amazing experience. And then it hits you… You have no idea how to plan and prepare for something like this. You’ve never done anything like this before and you’re not a professional model. So what do you do to prepare? Not to worry I’ve got an article below that has the 3 things you need to do to prepare for your boudoir own photoshoot.



Go Get Fitted At A Boutique Lingerie Store

I can’t stress enough that a boudoir session is an investment in you. So what’s a couple hundred dollars in lingerie to make the whole experience even better? You want to look great and feel confident too so rifling through your lingerie drawer looking for a bra that’s less than 5 years old and still fits is not the greatest idea. Sometimes big box lingerie stores are not bad for certain figures, but the reality is that women come in all shapes and sizes and if you go to a store where they go out of their way to fit you properly it can be not only the best lingerie you’ve ever bought for day to day use, but you’ll also feel confident because the undies or bra aren’t gouging you in places you don’t want. Fit is everything when it comes to comfort and when it comes to how good the lingerie looks at your photoshoot. As a bonus, the piece you buy may also be ultra-sexy and wearing it underneath your everyday clothes after your session can also help you feel super sexy.

Drink Lots Of Water The Day Before Your Session

Water doesn’t just hydrate you, it hydrates your skin. If you get enough water in you before your session you will see a more radiant version of yourself. Now, who wouldn’t want that? Not to worry you can always take a bio break if it’s needed 😉 On the topic of moisturization, it never hurts to moisturize just a bit more than normal the day before your session. And a good exfoliation wouldn’t hurt either. You know what? This all sounds like something that could justify a spa visit. A few hours relaxing at a spa a few days before your session is always a great idea. Coming into your session relaxed and refreshed all helps with the investment in you.


Take A Deep Breath, I Got You

It’s no underestimation to say that almost all of my clients come through my studio door a bit nervous. That’s OK, it’s completely normal. For many of you, this is an experience that you’ve never had before and in the back of your mind, you hope that the images of you look great. I make a deal with every client and tell them their only job is to take my direction. They don’t need to know anything about how to pose or what expression to use. That’s my job. If they can listen to me, and do what I need them to do, I’ll make them look awesome-r. The thing is, you’ll feel a bit goofy for the first 10 minutes or so because very few boudoir poses make any sense whatsoever. And that’s the fun. Because when I show you the final results, you’re going to not only be awestruck but also realize that the ridiculous pose I had you do looks really F-ing gorgeous!


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If a boudoir session with us sounds like fun, then the next step is to reach out and get more information. If you’re looking for more information on the process and what’s involved, download our info guide. Otherwise, we take the time to talk with all new potential clients by phone so we can answer all thier questions. Choose what you’d like to do below!

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