Whether you love lingerie or not it’s safe to say that lingerie and boudoir go hand in hand. But not all lingerie is going to be perfect for your session. What looks great in the bedroom doesn’t always look great at a boudoir photoshoot. So we thought, why not dispell 3 myths about lingerie that will help you have the perfect boudoir session with us at our Toronto boudoir studio.




Myth # 1

Style is more important than fit: Wrong! The first rule of lingerie for boudoir is: make sure it fits right. No one wants the dreaded over boob squish, under boob fallout, empty top cup or straps digging in. Most women will opt to go for one size smaller and any good stylist will tell you that getting properly fitted by a specialist is essential. When you’re choosing the right size it can be tough but you never want your lingerie to fit too tight. Lingerie should fit with just a hint of pressure on your body. If straps or seams are digging in, consider going with a size up. There’s no shame in picking up a piece that is one size larger than you normally wear. Commonly you’ll find that even when you go cross-brand sizing can be different so in this style you may be a large and that other style you’ll be a medium. No biggie… Just get the size that fits right.

Myth # 2

When it comes to shopping for lingerie stay within your comfort zone: False! Old habits are meant to be broken. Be daring, be bold, be you! Let’s talk about the very common colour black. Hey, it’s nice and all, but try to bring one outfit that has some colour. There are so many great companies making more than just black lingerie. Pick one up, you’ll be glad you did. Also, look at breaking away from bra/panty sets. Look at rompers, bustiers, corsets, one pieces and silky slips. If you mix it up with the wardrobe you bring, you’ll find that you’ll create a more unique look across the sets we shoot. And hey, who doesn’t like variety?

Myth # 3

You’re not a lingerie girl so lingerie will do nothing for you at your boudoir session: Definitely False! Whether you’re a lingerie lady or not, there is something unmistakable about the feeling you get when you put on a great piece of lingerie. Don’t get me wrong sex appeal has to come from within, however, the right piece of lingerie will enhance your sex appeal because it help you believe in your own feminine sexiness. If you’re not a big fan of fancy lingerie, go to a store that specializes in more upscale lingerie. Try something more sophisticated on and you’ll feel it. Then jump in front of the camera with that set on and then you’ll really feel sexy. And that’s what a boudoir session is all about; feeling sexy!

All images used with permission

All Images used with permission


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