Although there are many reasons why my clients come into my Toronto Boudoir studio to see me for a sexy photo session, personal milestones are one of the most common. Let’s face it, boudoir should be all about celebrating you. Boudoir is an empowering, unforgettable experience that leaves you with a new appreciation of yourself. You might be wondering what kind of milestones sparks the idea of a boudoir session in our clients? Here is a list of the top 3 sexy reasons… (Although undoubtedly you will have your own unique reasons too) 

#1 – You’ve set a personal goal and you’ve reached it

Personal goals always have a special place for me as I see positive body image as a very powerful mindset. There are so many goals that could be mentioned. Maybe you’ve recently changed your lifestyle so that you’re living more healthy and you feel great. Maybe it’s because you lost 5, 10, 50 or 100+ pounds. Maybe you’re the most fit you’ve ever been and you want to remember this time with a photoshoot. Maybe it’s because you have always wanted to do something like this but never felt you could and this is a way to show yourself you’re beautiful. 

#2 – You’re entering a new chapter in your life

I’ve had many clients come in for a boudoir session that are entering a new phase in their life. Maybe you’ve come out of a long-term relationship and you want to get your sexy back as the previous relationship was emotionally draining. Maybe you’re about to start having children and you want to capture your body before that process. Heck, maybe you’ve had kids and you want to say loud and proud that mommies are super sexy! 

#3 – You’re turning 25, 30, 40 etc…

This is definitely the number one reason people come to shoot with me is that they want to remember their bodies in whatever stage of life they are in. One common theme echoes with every one of my clients is that they wish they had come in for a boudoir session sooner. There is no “right” age to come in for a boudoir session. You could be 25 or you could be 60. Boudoir is not about judgment or having to measure yourself against society’s norms. It’s about you saying I’m sexy and I love me!

Whatever your milestone is, I’d love it if you would book with us and let us help you make a memory out of that milestone.

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If a boudoir session with us sounds like fun, then the next step is to reach out and get more information. If you’re looking for more information on the process and what’s involved, download our info guide. Otherwise, we take the time to talk with all new potential clients by phone so we can answer all thier questions. Choose what you’d like to do below!


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