The right wardrobe is critical in a boudoir session and in my Toronto boudoir studio I answer a lot of questions when it comes to the right wardrobe for the right look. The obvious choice is lingerie and hey, that’s never a bad idea but lets put some more thought into some other looks… Here are 3 things you may want to consider when it comes to what to wear. 


If you’re doing a session for that special person in your life let’s ask a question that commonly gets overlooked, “What do they find sexy?” Everyone has something that they find sexy. Maybe it’s fishnets. Maybe it’s a complete bra/panty set with garters. Maybe it’s a tank top and jeans. Maybe it’s you in their favourite sports teams jersey. Maybe it’s nothing at all. There is no wrong answer here. I actively encourage my clients to get into the head of their partner and personalize their boudoir session accordingly. I love a challenge. A challenge like, how can you make a golf club look sexy? How can I make you into a sexy secretary? The list in this case could go on for days. Bottom line is to think hard about what turns them on (aside from you) and I’ll skillfully figure out how to incorporate that look into your session. 


When it comes to shooting in your underwear, fit really is everything. Because of that, wouldn’t you love an excuse to go treat yourself to some sexy new underwear? Duh? – Of course… However when you do go out shopping make sure you’re paying attention to the fit. It’s no secret that a 32B in one brand is not always the same as another just as a medium bottom can be the same as a large elsewhere. You really need to enlist some help from the sales staff when buying lingerie for a photoshoot. If you visit an independent lingerie boutique you’ll spend a little more but the service you get VS LaSenza and Victoria’s Secret is night and day. Not only is the quality better and more unique at a boutique but they will properly fit you. This will make a huge difference in how amazing your session with us will look. All the little bulges won’t show and heck, you’ll end up with some seriously comfy undies. Win-win right? So go shopping! 


The answer to “what is sexy” doesn’t always revolve around bras, panties and stockings. Don’t misunderstand, they are nice but you can’t begin to comprehend how sexy everyday clothes can be made to be. Loose sweaters, Cute undies, tank tops, dress shirts and jeans, generally speaking, don’t sound all that sexy but wait until we’re done photographing you in them. Your mind will be blown and the next time you’re wearing that sweater in the office you’ll have a playful, ear to ear grin knowing how good you looked in it at your Toronto boudoir photo session and if only the people in the office knew the stories your sweater could tell… 


Here’s a gallery of inspiration where the clothing worn is not what you might not associate with a boudoir session. But as you’ll see, it’s not all that fancy but OMG, is it ever sexy!

All Images used with permission


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