Curious about ways you can make sure your couples boudoir session goes off without a hitch? As a Toronto Boudoir Photographer with over a decade of experience photographing individuals – I can’t wait to share my top 3 tips for successful couples boudoir photos.

When you choose a photographer who is experienced, specializes in boudoir photography, and who you feel comfortable with and can trust…the tips below are going to come really naturally to you. 

1. Collaborate + plan with your photographer

Your photographer and you should be collaborating and on the same team as you discuss and plan your shoot. This ensures you make sure you’re both on board and know what to expect for your session and necessary kinks (pun intended) can be ironed out before your boudoir photoshoot with no surprises. This is your time to share your vision, share anything you need guidance or advice around, ask questions, share mood boards or inspiration pictures.

At our toronto boudoir studio, we have multiple touch points before your photoshoot. Our initial consult, as well as a wardrobe consult call, then we have the day of your session, and a gallery viewing session. Learn more about these stages HERE.

2. Leave behind your worries

There is no perfect body type or perfect couple. All bodies, all couples, all relationship statuses and styles, and orientations are welcome here! We welcome and celebrate imperfections and the things that make you unique and unlike anyone else.

Skilled photographers will know the right lighting, props, angles, boudoir poses and furniture to use during your session. They will make sure you have lots of photos that you will fall in love with and appreciate from a new angle.

3. Forget about the camera 

Have fun and don’t let the worries of how you look, or what you should be doing take over and lead the show. You and your partner are here to share your chemistry, your love, and your bond. No, you don’t have to have sex – yes, I actually get this question a lot.

Just lean into your sexual chemistry and the rest will be implied. This session is to help create images you adore for years to come. Connect together and just relax into it and just act as if the camera isn’t there.

An experienced boudoir photographer will know exactly how to get the right angles, lighting and capture your chemistry in a way that is flattering for you both!

Now that you have these 3 tips – let’s hit the ground running. Are you ready?

If you’re in Toronto (or visiting this area soon), check us out at Toronto’s Premier Boudoir Studio, Provocateur Images! I’m Trevor, Provocateur Images’ sole-boudoir photographer. We have a team for hair and makeup – which is included in your session so you can be pampered and feel extra confident for your session.

You can learn more and see more examples of intimate couples photography here and we can set up a time to chat about your boudoir vision, and make sure we are a good fit for each other. And guess what? We photograph boudoir sessions for all genders, individuals AND couples sessions. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to inquire here!

We are also a kink-friendly space so feel free to chat about kink props or outfit ideas when we connect.

If you’re not local, no problem! We hope that these tips are helpful and you can try them out for your future couples boudoir photoshoot.


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