You may not know it but there’s a lot of little things that go on behind the scenes that makes your boudoir experience with Provocateur Images so special. It’s not just the great light, all the sets and some retouching. There’s actually a lot more to it. What I’m referring to is the components that I have carefully crafted over the past 10 years to make this such an amazing experience.

I think it all starts right after you book and when you get my prep guide. I can’t tell you how many women have thanked me for the in-depth prep guide that I give to everyone that books. Let’s be real for a second. You’re not alone in not knowing what lingerie to buy. Chances are you’re no different than all the other ladies who don’t even know where to start. There is such a spectrum of not only styles but pricing and quality and things to look for based on your body type. So it’s totally OK to say, “maybe I don’t know what would look best on me.” That’s where the prep guide comes in to make it easy. (By the way, you’re going to find a theme of making it easy come up over and over again so make sure you pay attention to that. ? )

The other really important thing that my prep guide talks about is sometimes what you wouldn’t expect to wear. Boudoir is not all about lingerie and lace and frills. Sometimes it’s about different looks It could be leather jackets, it could be sports jerseys, hell it could be nothing at all. But the thing is, boudoir is an expression of you so giving you the ideas to make this session really reflect you as a person is really important in my opinion. Once again, easy…
So there you go, just some food for thought about how awesome that prep guide is going to be from a wardrobe planning perspective. But we haven’t even talked about some of the other important stuff like choosing the right hair and make up looks but don’t worry, we have that covered too in the guide.

Let’s move ahead to about 2 weeks before your session. Everybody gets a wardrobe consult call to make sure I have all the details to help you look awesome-er and make sure the planning is perfect. Undoubtedly you’ve thought about what you wanna wear and maybe you’ve gone out and purchased some new items of clothing and you’re almost positive you’re ready to go. But this wardrobe call will help us nail the looks you’re dreaming of.

We will narrow down the outfits to three, we will talk about hair and make up and will talk about any themes or ideas that you have in this 20 to 25 minute wardrobe call. Invisibly to you I am also going to choose what backdrops and props to use based on what you’re wearing so that also is a pretty big element of this call. By the end you’re basically ready to go for your shoot. Now all you have to do is show up at the studio. Pretty easy huh?

On the day of your shoot when you arrive all you have to do is sit down in the make up chair, enjoy a complementary glass of champagne and be pampered for an hour and a half in anticipation of your actual photo shoot. Since everything was planned it will go super smoothly and you’re going to feel like a total babe once the hair and make up is done. What you probably don’t realize about the hair and make up experience and why it is included in every single session, is that it gets you psyched to shoot. It’s not there just for the sake of you discovering your Hollywood self. I mean, sure that’s really important but what hair and make up does is it’s that buffer point from the nervous anxious feeling you have when you first walk in the door to when you’re ready to start shooting. I can’t understate enough how awesome my make up team is and how they can get you so psyched and ready to shoot and it really is one of those things that it’s hard to quantify but if I pointed out to you you’ll realize that it does make the whole photo shoot part much easier.

Now when it comes to the photo shoot, virtually no one who ever set foot in front of my camera knows what they are doing as far as pose an expression. And I really want to stress that is totally OK. I’ve been doing this for 10 years so I know a thing or two about getting the right expression and the right body language out of the people in front of my camera. The deal I make with everyone is is that if you can just listen to me for an hour I promise I will make you look awesome-er. Between my cheerleading all the pose coaching and expression coaching you’re gonna have a blast and you’re going to see that this shoot is way easier than you thought it would ever be. The thing is you probably won’t believe me until you’ve actually done it. But that’s OK, I don’t mind being right later.

So there you have it. There are a few things that you probably didn’t realize make a big difference in the service that I offer. Every photographer is a little bit different but I’d like to think that I have really crafted this in a way that is going to leave you feeling so absolutely incredible and empowered and that you’re gonna want to come right back and do it again as soon as you can. SOUNDS LIKE FUN RIGHT?

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