So you don’t do a lot of dresses, you like your jeans and t-shirts and you don’t normally wear a lot of makeup… That’s ok! Some of our most memorable clients have been self-proclaimed tomboys. The kind of women that saw their images afterwards never thought they could look so amazing in outfits that wouldn’t be considered “sexy”.

Some women have called themselves tomboys or say they are not very “girlie” but listen, that’s OK because that’s you. You’re awesome representing yourself however you feel comfortable. A boudoir session isn’t only about fancy lingerie, shoes and bling. If you’re better represented by jeans, t-shirts, sports jerseys, knee socks or anything like that lets style your personalized session like that!

Over the years we’ve had so many clients ask us if they can do boudoir if they don’t have a lot of lingerie. The answer is, of course you can! So to answer the question are tomboys sexy have a look at these images below and tell us these women aren’t gorgeous!


Get access to my amazing boudoir info guide. I’ve worked really hard to make it a resource for planning your session but also answering all of the most common questions people have.
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