When my friend Erin, who hosts The Bedpost Podcast asked me to appear on her program. I thought it would be a super-fun time and a good opportunity to talk about boudoir because you know I do, and it most certainly was! We talked about boudoir and my life as a boudoir photographer. We talked about bum physics and boob physics and the other funny terminology I use in the studio. It’ll certainly give you a peek into what goes on at my studio. It definitely was great being able to share my passion for this genre of photography with others. All you have to do is give me a microphone and I’ll let loose!
You can tune into the audio version, but I’d highly recommend the YouTube version (embedded below) because I get all animated and goofy acting out some poses from a chair that might not be as fun to hear as they are to watch.
You might be wondering what The Bedpost Podcast is all about and simply put, its a podcast that talks about sexuality and sex-related topics. I love how Erin makes topics that may be taboo to some people more approachable and educates you on these topics through her guests. I love people that are sex-positive and non-judgemental. Erin does such a great job as a host too. She’s funny and the jovial nature of her hosting style makes for a really fun listen. Because who knows, after you subscribe to the podcast and start listening, you may find some fun ideas to try yourself or invite a partner to try with you. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a little extra spice in the bedroom or whatever other room of the house… RIGHT???
One Last Thing…
I also would be very disappointed in myself if I didn’t point out that Erin also hosts two live Bedpost variety shows every month. So if you like the podcast you’ll love these live events! One is hosted in the east end of Toronto and one in the west. They are a friggin blast to attend and you have to take your partner or some friends to check the shows out. To find out about the shows, I’d suggest you follow and subscribe to the Bedpost Facebook page as the event dates and venues are posted there.

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Being A Boudoir Rebel

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