When Miss J came in for a session at my Toronto boudoir studio it was a great experience and she got right into it. Her boudoir photo set came out looking absolutely amazing. Her husband absolutely loved them as his wedding day present. What is amazing is that Miss J showed the images to her mom too and her mom loved them too! Read on, she says it so much better than we can! 

Miss J’s Testimonial / Experience…

“I had the pleasure of recently working with Trevor on a  wedding day surprise album for my groom. I was initially a bit apprehensive at the thought of getting the pictures taken by a guy, but from our first meeting I realized that Trevor had a very easy going way about him that made me very comfortable. The pictures turned out better than I could of ever imagined and my husband absolutely loved them, just as I thought he would.
What surprised me the most is the reaction that I got from a very unlikely source, my mother! Why would I tell my mother about getting sexy pictures done? Lol, I’m not sure why I told her… We’re close and I happened to mention that I wanted to do them as a gift. She was a little nervous about other people seeing them, the photos leaking and how “indecent” they would be. So when I got them she asked to see a few ones (she has seen me naked after all!) and she absolutely loved them! She thought they were so classy and even said she wouldn’t  mind if anybody saw them  as they were very tasteful.
I would definitely recommend getting pictures done with Provocateur Images. In fact I have recommended and already have a few friends who have booked after seeing how much I loved the experience. You won’t be disappointed. I expected my husband to like the pictures but I didn’t think I would like them so much.  I am one of the hardest to please customers you’ll ever meet and I typically hate getting my picture taken as I always find I look weird and make funny faces. It says a lot about Trevor as an artist and photographer that I loved how I looked in the pictures. Now I only wish he had done my wedding pictures too! Those, not so good it turns out… :(” – Miss J

All Images used with permission


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Being A Boudoir Rebel

Being A Boudoir Rebel

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