By far our most common client is someone coming to do a bridal boudoir session with us in our Toronto studio. We love having those ladies come in because they tell us time an time again how amazing they felt when they gave the album to their partner on their wedding day. There’s nothing quite like the confidence boost you get when he looks at you with such desire after seeing the images. BTW, everyone adores the experience of the session itself too and would do it again in an instant!

But boudoir is not just for brides…

Anniversaries | What if you didn’t get your partner something like this on your wedding day? No problem! Get it for them as an anniversary present that they’ll never forget. 1st, 5th, 10th or 25th anniversary… It doesn’t matter. Do something daring, fun and super sexy for them. It was will be a great gift for them but also something you’ll remember forever.

Milestones | When you do a boudoir or modern beauty photo session for yourself you’ve got something very special coming your way. Maybe you’ve lost 20, 40, 100 pounds. Maybe you’ve reached a new point in your life. Maybe its something on your bucket list. The best part about reaching a milestone is the reward at the end. Why not make a session with Provocateur Images that reward?

A Couples Experience | Your own personal boudoir session is a lot of fun but bring your partner along for an absolutely amazing experience where you two really can connect. We shoot a lot of couples. Why do they do it? Well… the experience. There are a very select number of things you can do as a couple as sensual and intimate as a couples boudoir experience. Many of our couples also choose to purchase one of our eye popping wall art options for their bedrooms to create that sexual sanctuary in their home. We love connecting couples and igniting a spark that will burn strong every time they look at the photos.

Just Because | Yes, just because. Treat yourself to the gift of confidence, empowerment and fun.

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