As a full time boudoir specialist, my new clients will sometimes compare me to other photographers, many of which do not specialize in boudoir photography. So why choose a specialist? Shouldn’t any photographer able to shoot boudoir? Isn’t it just about getting you into your underwear and taking a picture?
HELL NO! When I first started shooting boudoir years ago, I realized that it’s not as easy as it looks. I work with people that have ZERO experience in front of the camera and my job is to make them look like cover models no matter what their figure. My clients do not know anything about posing, expression and further, they are in their underwear in front of a stranger with a camera. Sounds intimidating, right? Well, that’s where as a boudoir specialist, I can help you. But how do I do it? Well… Here are a few areas that I excel in to turn you into a cover model.


I’ve been making photos for over 15 years and at the core of photography is the ability to create and capture light. I can light a set like it is lit by a large window but also I can sculpt light in a dramatic and sensual way in a darker image. Lighting for a proper boudoir series is everything. Great light makes you look slimmer, sexier and can highlight your best features. It doesn’t matter what time of day we shoot, because I’m not reliant solely on window light, so you’ll look great any time of the day.


If you’ve never modelled before, and many of you have not, having someone that knows how to coach you into the right pose, expression and body language will not only help with comfort but also your confidence too! Trust me, by the end of a session with Provocateur Images, you’ll be freestyling poses because of the coaching and direction that you’ll get along the way. I base all of my poses around an emotion or theme so you can start acting out the look that will create, a captivating photo of you. I’ve had so many customers say at the end of their boudoir session not only how much fun it was, but also how easy I made it. If you can take my direction, I promise, I’ll make you look awesome!


I believe that retouching is a crucial last step for a great boudoir series. I colour correct every image that comes out of my camera to create my own unique look that only my eye can deliver, which is the look that you see on my site. My goal is to retouch you in the most believable way possible. I want you to recognize yourself and see yourself as the gorgeous person you actually are. When it comes to retouching, I’ve been doing it for over 15 years and I know how to work with the human form. I’m never going to make someone who is a size 12 into a size 2. My customers routinely ask me to remove scars, stretch marks and tattoos. I have no problem doing that for you, but remember if those features are something you consider part of you and want to leave them in, that’s also cool.
Now that you’ve heard a little about what I offer, why wouldn’t you want to go with a boudoir specialist such as myself?

All Images used with permission


If a boudoir session with us sounds like fun, then the next step is to reach out and get more information. If you’re looking for more information on the process and what’s involved, download our info guide. Otherwise, we take the time to talk with all new potential clients by phone so we can answer all thier questions. Choose what you’d like to do below!


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