Is it ok for women to express their sexuality? Yes it is. It absolutely is. But do many women feel it is really ok and are they comfortable doing it? Well… We’re not so sure. Women are told it’s ok to be demure, playful and flirty but not provocative, sensual and strong. We intend to change that for as many women as possible. The explosion in the popularity of boudoir photography has shown so many women that it’s not just ok to express themselves sexually but it’s also given them confidence and a feeling of empowerment.

Many think boudoir photography is simply about feeling beautiful for an hour with some pampering and having pretty pictures taken of them. It’s so much more than that… It’s about owning your sexuality and feeling confident. It’s about saying to society, nope, I’m sexy and I know it and I’m owning this. I’m a seductress, I’m provocative and I’m going to ditch the gender role I’m supposed to fit in. I’m going to feel like a supermodel when this is over.

Sometimes it tough to explain how a boudoir session can change you until you’ve gone through it yourself. but you’ll have to trust us, that’s how it works…

Here’s what we’d like to propose. Give us a call or fill out one of our booking requests and come meet with us at a consultation. We’d love to have you come by the studio and ask any and all types of questions to make your session perfect.

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