Bridal Boudoir

It’s your big day and you want to get that special someone you’re about to say, “ I do” something special. But what? Well, boudoir always makes a jaw dropping gift. One of the most popular reasons my clients come in for boudoir sessions is to give their special someone a personalized, album  or glam box on the day of their wedding. 

It’s the perfect way to leave them speechless and remind them of one of the million reasons you two are getting married. This is truly one of the most personal gifts you can give and at the same time, it’s very empowering for you. I usually find that my customers come in wanting to do their session for their partner but they don’t expect the confidence boost, the empowerment and the all-around sexy feeling they get from a luxury boudoir experience at my Toronto studio.

When you come in for your bridal session, it doesn’t need to all about views and white underwear. It’s supposed to be about what makes you sexy. I’m going to help you plan out the right wardrobe so you get an unforgettable series of images. 

Don’t worry if you didn’t get them this gift for your wedding day… You have an anniversary every year and we’re positive they will love this gift no matter when you give it to them.