When it comes to the right lingerie for your boudoir session many women don’t know where to start looking. The obvious choices would be Victoria’s Secret or LaSenza because they’re in almost every mall, relatively accessible and seem like the right place to go. The purpose of this article though is to talk to you about places you may not consider and to show you that certain locations will have lingerie that is better for a boudoir shoot than box store lingerie which generally speaking, only fits a few different proportions. All women’s bodies are different, so therefore sometimes you have to go to different locations to get a good fit for your shoot. So here’s a list of some places I’ve found here in Toronto that have excellent selections and also have different looks.


I love sex-positive environments and the Nookie is no exception. This boutique store sells not only lingerie but also sex toys but has a very open and welcoming feel when you walk in it. The lingerie that they sell is unique and very modern made by some incredible designers all over the world. Most of the wardrobe you’ll find here is very much on the elegant scale so if you’re looking for something that really pops or really conveys an element of luxury then you need to visit the Nookie.
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Anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely adore this wonderful little boutique lingerie store. The lingerie you will find at Gigi‘s is pinup inspired, classic look underwear that has a sophistication and class that will make your boudoir photo session incredibly unique. The look that you’ll find at this store isn’t going to be for everyone. But if you’ve ever wanted to have a style that is a little bit pinup in a little bit retro this is going to be the perfect place to visit. All of the lingerie that Gigi’s sells is usually handmade and you’ll be able to feel the difference the second you touch any of the lingerie there. Whether you’ve got a very slender figure or a curvy figure these pinup/retro looks will look good on pretty much any body type.
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Fitting yourself for lingerie is a pretty big deal and generally speaking, something most women do not do correctly so one of the reasons I love this little boutique lingerie store is because they take fittings so seriously. You may walk in wanting to buy some lingerie for a boudoir photoshoot but you’ll, in fact, end up buying some of the most comfy underwear you’ll probably ever own. Their looks are modern but sophisticated and I’d say that instead of visiting Victoria’s Secret, you visit SYFS instead.
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This recommendation may surprise you because at first glance you wouldn’t think of these stores as having much in the way of lingerie for a photoshoot. However, if you’re on a budget and you don’t mind doing a little bit of digging they can yield some very good finds. I’ve styled some creative shoots from these stores on a number of occasions on the cheap and, to be honest, you wouldn’t necessarily know that the lingerie came from a store like this.
The one thing that I find Marshals and Winners do really well is looks that are a little bit softer. You’re not going to find a very fancy elaborate lacy bra and panty sets but you will find some great slips, cute tank top undie combos and some really nice robes. These stores are usually worth a look and you’ll be very surprised at what you might find. You just have to remember that you may have to hit 2 to 3 locations to find your sizing and of course you won’t have anyone to help fit you.




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