Boudoir is an experience, to say the least, and there’s nothing like seeing yourself in print. All of our finished product options are printed and produced right here in Canada with the finest materials and craftsmanship possible.¬†Your boudoir is experience is completed with one of our luxurious finished products. We offer albums, glamour boxes, digital images, prints and wall art. Truly something for everyone.


Our luxurious, hand-made, Canadian made albums come in two sizes standard and impact. Each album starts off with 20 pages although many of our customers will add more pages to their albums once they see how great they look in their proof images, although it is entirely up to you if you want to add additional pages. Albums are excellent keepsakes and they are something that many of our customers look back on all the time to remind them of how great a the boudoir experience was with us. Each album also comes in its own presentation box as we love to dress up the look of every album we produce.


  • 2 sizes: standard or impact
  • Fold flat, thick pages
  • Material cover you choose
  • 20 pages to start (approximately 22 images)
  • You receive digital copies of every image that is in your album


Glamour boxes are an excellent alternative to an album. These are loose, individual matted prints that come in two different sizes regular and impact. The matted prints in each different size are 8×12 and 5×7 respectively with beautiful mattes framing each photo. The best part about the folio boxes is that many of our clients will purchase frames and rotate the images from the folio box into frames on their wall. Each folio box comes with a gorgeous presentation box to hold the images too


  • 2 sizes: Standard & Impact
  • Includes 8 prints to start and can hold a maximum of 25 prints
  • Printed on matte paper for the best viewing experience
  • Elegant presentation box
  • You receive digital copies of every image that is in your glamour box


You really should be your own artwork. Many people pay millions of dollars for a painting of some unknown person wearing little or nothing from the Renaissance era and would proudly display it on their wall. So why not do the same with you in the photo? We have two types of wall art and each is designed to leave an impact in the space you hang it. Each art piece is printed on metallic surfaces to maximize the impact and wow factor. Remember, the best way to make an image look incredible is to print it large and show it off proudly in your house.


  • 3 Sizes to choose from – mini, standard and impact
  • 2 style options – box and float
  • All are printed with a high gloss metallic finish


Our boudoir guide has so much great information about coming in for a session with us. Plus it has our complete pricing