Tips: Poses for Flattering Plus-Size Boudoir Photography

At Provocateur Images, we love showing plus size women that boudoir photography is for all shapes and sizes, but it’s not something every woman feels comfortable with. If you’re thinking of booking a session with me, here are some tips to help you feel at ease in front of the camera.

To help you get started, we have put together some tips to help you feel comfortable, confident and gorgeous in front of the camera.


What To Wear And Not To Wear:

  • Wear something that makes you feel sexy. You are the star of your boudoir shoot, so even if it’s not your favourite pair of jeans, wear them confidently.
  • Generally outfits with thin straps are less desirable as they will dig in all all figures
  • Don’t be afraid to show yourself off! If you have curves or cellulite (or both), don’t hide behind baggy clothing. Sometimes it’s easier for curvy women to look good with nothing on vs complicated outfits.
  • Remember, that we have a video call wardrobe consult with all clients before their session to review outfits and provide styling advice.

What To Bring And Not Bring:

  • At your photoshoot we’ll photograph 3 different outfits but you can always bring a few extra options so if we have some extra time or one doesn’t look as flattering as it should. You want enough variety so your photographer has options when editing photos later on down the road.
  • Bring some gorgeous heels because if they are paired with some outfits they are going add that pop of WOW to the photograph
  • If you have a larger chest outfits that have some support built in are a good idea as many poses we do will have the “ladies” popping out when we lay down, and twist.

Pick Your Outfit Carefully

Take time to select flattering clothes and lingerie that fit you best. It’s never a bed idea to go for a fitting at a boutique lingerie store. For this part of the shoot, you want to make sure that you wear something that makes you feel beautiful and confident. Just remember one key fact, lingerie ONLY works when you’re standing up so lingerie with a little extra support where it’s needed is always a good idea. There’s a whole world of plus-size specific lingerie designed for full-figured women not that is sized up from a size 2. We provide a great resource of stores to visit when you book.

Comfort Is Key

It’s more important to feel comfortable than to look sexy. Wear items that make you feel beautiful, even if they’re not super sexy by traditional standards and perceptions. That could be a baggy v-neck sweater with cute undies, it could be a leather jacket. Many plus-size women have body issues and feel uncomfortable in their clothing. When looking for clothes for Boudoir, it can be hard to find things that make you feel beautiful and confident because so many retailers only cater to smaller sizes. But don’t let this stop you from wearing what makes YOU feel good! If a piece of clothing makes ME feel beautiful and confident, even if it’s not “sexy” per se, I’m going to wear it anyway! There are tuxedo pants with sequins on them? They’re coming with me! A sweater with hearts all over it? It’s coming too!

Posing Those Beautiful Curves You Have

We’ve been shooting boudoir for over 10 years and the vast majority of our clients are REGULAR WOMEN meaning they are NOT model proportions. Our photographer has become very good at working with women with plus-size figures and doing poses that accentuate the features our clients love and minimizing others they don’t like so much. Posing full figured women is different than women with smaller builds but there are distinct advantages to women with curves and poses we can do that not only look flattering, they look downright gorgeous! so bring your gorgeous curves, your mom-bod and your wobbly bits and we’ll show you how they look phenomenal at our Toronto boudoir studio!

You deserve to feel at your highest level of confidence; get in touch today at 437-999-8579 for expert Boudoir photography experience in Toronto!

All Images used with permission


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