Those of you that know me, know I love my job because it allows me to be creative, experiment, and turn my clients into literal works of art. I’m so happy when Ms R came back in, this time for a maternity session. She’d already rocked a boudoir session at my Toronto studio before so I knew that we were going to create some boudoir magic.

To set up for the final image I had to make sure the lights looked right so I figured I’d show my beer baby some love and stand-in for a test shot. Scroll down for a bit of a laugh if you like.

Along with my amazingly talented makeup artist Carmina, (who can slay any hair/makeup look) we set out to create a flowing fabric image. Incidentally, Carmina blew my mind with how well she could toss the fabric and get out of the way so quickly. I didn’t have to edit her out of any shots. Woot!

With the lights set, fan blowing at full speed and my camera at the ready we created an image that Miss R will proudly display and cherish forever. Given Carmina’s incredible fabric tossing abilities, we got the shot in just a few tries. A little bit of colour retouching and smoothing out some wrinkles in the fabric we had the shot!

Ms. R’s Response: Omg it’s so stunning!! You are so incredibly visionary and talented! 

Mission accomplished!

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