When Miss A came in for her boudoir session at our Toronto photography studio she really embodied what we’d love all of our clients to do regularly and that is to come back multiple times to keep experiencing our unique boudoir experience over and over agin. But also to capture your body as it changes and to keep that sexy feeling going!


I am not the typical woman who does boudoir photography once in her life in order to check it off a bucket list or to give her partner a sexy gift. I love doing a few boudoir photoshoots every year to celebrate ME, my changing body, to embrace my growth and journey as a woman.

Shooting with Trevor has been an amazing experience, it left me feeling empowered, sultry, confident, fearless and strong.

When I contacted him by email, he was extremely quick in replying, provided a wealth of information and was always available for questions. He even suggested that I visit the studio prior to the shoot because he took such pride in the space itself. Trevor collaborates with fabulous stylists and make-up artists who will make you look and feel gorgeous! During the shoot, he was easy to talk to, made me laugh and overall I had an awesome time! His main strength is providing subtle directions and feedback to make every woman feel sexy, confident and radiantly beautiful. He guided me through various poses that complimented my body type and lingerie I was wearing. I will never forget his lessons in #boobphysics and #bumphysics to nail that perfect pose!

I highly recommend Provocateur Images to anyone looking to celebrate their body, their sexuality or their love with some beautiful photos taken by a talented, creative and fabulous photographer!


Get access to my amazing boudoir info guide. I’ve worked really hard to make it a resource for planning your session but also answering all of the most common questions people have.
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