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Toronto boudoir sessions


When Crista contacted me about coming in for a session in my Toronto boudoir studio she had a specific goal in mind. Put it out there that this is what a real woman looks like. She told me that a real woman has stretch marks, imperfections and “baby battle scars” from being a mother. Damn right girl! This mom of 3 is about to show all of you what sexy is all about…

I was elated to hear that Crista wanted to do this and take a stand against the negative image of what most women face when it comes to what beauty is especially after having children. It was a special and very rewarding boudoir series for me as too because Crista is one of the hair and makeup artists I use at Provocateur Images. Knowing Crista personally and seeing a friend so in love with the final product it’s an impossible feeling to verbalize; Other than that it’s absolutely amazing. The two of us had an absolute blast and there is a great video the we put together to talk about how Crista felt in the session.

I’m so proud of you Crista and thank you for sharing your message with everyone because it’s one that I take to heart. Ever since I started Provocateur Images my belief has always been that sexy is a mindset NOT a measurement and I aim to show you that.


Our boudoir guide has so much great information about coming in for a session with us. Plus it has our complete pricing