Me Sessions Toronto Boudoir


When Mandee contacted us it sounded at first like a bit of strange request in the sense Mandee is not just a photographer but also a boudoir photographer on the east coast. Now let’s be honest, photographers are usually the worst subjects closely followed only by a grumpy toddler so needless to say I was certainly a bit anxious myself photographing another photographer. Mandee also made a comment saying she was not used to being in front of the camera so I’d have to pose her. I nodded my head and thought I can do that!

Before I talk briefly about Mandee’s session let me give a shout out to Crista (who also is featured in a boudoir story of her own) that did the hair and makeup. I think you’ll see how my hair and makeup team are. Onto what happened at Mandee’s session… Mandee had a 2 hour session and we did both noir and a light series. One of Mandee’s goals in her session was to see how it felt to be on the other side of the camera so she can improve her own shooting technique behind the camera. I’d like to think she learned more than just a few tips and tricks for posing. Overall it was a great session and I think you can see that Mandee’s images look incredible.

One of the reasons we’re so popular with our clients is they way we draw emotion out and use body language to create not just images but art. It’s a huge compliment when even other photographers recognize our work and want to get in front of our camera.


Our boudoir guide has so much great information about coming in for a session with us. Plus it has our complete pricing