As a photographer, I had been admiring Trevor’s work for a little while. His work is beautiful and very versatile. It showcases both light and dark and uses both lighting methods to convey emotion, beauty and body positivity. I kept thinking “oh one day when I’m skinny” or “one day when I feel I deserve it.” But honestly, if you’re thinking about booking just do it! There is no better time or another day. Trevor helps you take away all your worries and will make you feel beautiful. The feeling of confidence is worth it! I’ve only seen a sneak peek but when I saw it I was in tears. I couldn’t believe it was me. I keep looking at myself. As someone who is very critical of themselves, I felt beautiful looking at the image and all the flaws I thought I had were washed away.
Just from seeing the sneak peek I know that I would be back in a heartbeat to do it all over again. I’m used to being behind the camera so I’m all too familiar with the fear of being photographed that most people have. If you have this same fear, don’t worry.
Trevor is very professional and will walk you through every part of the shoot. You’re likely beautiful the way you are and Provocateur images will help you see that. Plus the shoot itself is its own experience. Trevor does the poses along with you and makes you laugh. I have anxiety and his words of encouragement were perfect in breaking down the walls of anxiety that I had.
Also, Linda, who did my hair and makeup did a great job. I just let her do whatever look she thought was best for me and it turned out amazing! She made me look like a movie star. I absolutely loved my hair too. She was super sweet.
In all, I would highly recommend Provocateur Images and will most definitely be back for another shoot! 🙂 I cannot wait to see the rest of my photos!
Thanks Trevor for dropping off the photos last night. I was so nervous! My fiance loved the photos though. He literally screamed HOLYYYY SH!T when he opened the box and was floored by the first image. He spent ten minutes just gawking at the first image.
Each photo gave a different reaction that was just as vibrant. Reactions ranged from ‘I just can’t…your eyes are amazing!!’ to ‘i don’t want this to end!!’ It was fantastic.
Thank you!

All Images used with permission


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Being A Boudoir Rebel

Being A Boudoir Rebel

So, you’re not one to toe the line, huh? You’re the rebel type, craving something that’ll make society clutch their pearls? Picture this: a Toronto boudoir session. Yeah, that’s right—embrace your inner renegade and flaunt it!

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