The testimonial that Miss S wrote to me was touching and something you just have to go read. But I thought, there is so much more here that can be shown from the Toronto boudoir shoot I had With Miss S because well, she wasn’t just sexy and gorgeous in her Toronto boudoir series, she was a great example to all you mommies out there that boudoir is for you too! Here’s a mom of two that truly shows you that mommies can be darn sexy too! And don’t you forget it!
Hair & Makeup By: Frincess Beauty
Words cannot truly express the absolute high that you receive after doing a shoot with Provocateur Images. Trevor and his team are by far the best. Every little detail was taken care of and made this girl feel like a million dollars.
This photoshoot is the most confidence-boosting experience I have ever had. It was a new found gratitude and appreciation for my own body emerged. I finally saw myself through the eyes of my husband.
One of the questions Trevor had asked before my first session was, ‘when was a time when you felt beautiful? ‘ I answered honestly, ‘I have never truly felt beautiful.’ I am not fishing for compliments or have low self-esteem. I have felt pretty, just never beautiful. ‎That changed after being in front of the camera with Provocateur Images.
‎When Trevor sent me a sneak peek from my shoot, I literally could not believe my eyes…that was me! That body, those curves…all me and I looked beautiful!  Who knew!?
I was so proud of that sneak peek, I showed all my friends! The girl who barely shows cleavage was showing off her lingerie to her friends and was darn proud of it all!
Everyone should experience this amazing experience. Trevor has the experience and talent to bring out the true beauty in everyone. If you’re that girl, who doesn’t believe you are beautiful, book a session with Trevor and wait for your sneak peak. Trust me, this is the best thing you will ever do for yourself.
Miss S

All Images used with permission


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Being A Boudoir Rebel

Being A Boudoir Rebel

So, you’re not one to toe the line, huh? You’re the rebel type, craving something that’ll make society clutch their pearls? Picture this: a Toronto boudoir session. Yeah, that’s right—embrace your inner renegade and flaunt it!

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