It was somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean on a cruise ship in 2014 when I photographed one of my first couples boudoir sessions. It was on a lifestyle cruise where I was assisting my friend who is a sexologist when Mr & Ms K asked me to do this couples boudoir shoot. I hadn’t really done much in the way of couples shoots previous to this but I had shot a lot of individual sessions. Mr & Ms K talked to me about what they were looking for in their session and that they wanted passionate images that showed a connection and overall sexiness. Done and done. I can definitely make that happen.

So with minimal gear we shot this series in the cabin they had on the cruise ship. It was definitely a challenge to say the least given I usually have ton more gear for something like this. But Mr& Ms K took my direction perfectly and we created some seriously stunning photos.

During this session I also inadvertently stumbled upon the “look” that I still shoot in all my couples sessions which is a hint of voyeurism and juxtaposition shooting. I don’t think that a couples boudoir session is something that should have a whole lot of looks toward the camera. I think it’s more important to have the viewer of the photo feel the passion that the two people have for each other. So I usually love to shoot and one element I love to work into couples boudoir sessions which is a sense of voyeurism

I’ve come a long way since that session 8 years ago but this session really helped me see how much I can make a couple feel connected.

All Images used with permission

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