When Miss K came in for her Toronto boudoir session at my studio I could sense a bit of nerves as she unpacked her lingerie. Let’s be real, a boudoir session in my Toronto studio is an experience so out of the norm for most women, that it can be a little nerve racking when you first come in. The thing is, that feeling goes away and it’s replaced by a feeling of accomplishment, confidence and a new found sexiness. This is the thing that is really hard for me to explain to people before they have their boudoir portrait made by me. As Miss K will allude to in her testimonial, she came in looking to do a series for her husband to be but it was also something very much for her too. Not everyone has hang ups about their body. Not everyone needs a confidence boost but you know what?… Feeling beautiful benefits everyone.

Where you really feel beautiful is when you give the album that you worked so hard to create to your husband to be and he’s lost for words. He only can form incomplete sentences, stutter, giggle and smile ear to ear. That’s when it finally sinks in. That’s when you realize that you are sexy. What comes with that is that you know your partner also finds you gorgeous. It’s that exact moment where ever one of my clients truly “gets it” and they understand why boudoir is so empowering and why it leaves you feeling so great.


Miss K’s Testimonial / Experience…

It was such an amazing experience. I went in to this very nervous, uneasy, and self-conscious. I came out a whole new person, confident, excited and feeling sexy. The real purpose of this photo session was to give an extremely unexpected gift to my husband on our wedding day…. however it turned out to be a huge confidence builder for me and an amazing gift for him 2 in 1!

The actual gift giving was the coolest moment ever! It was very very unlike me to do something like this and my Husband’s jaw dropped when he opened it… he continually kept looking at the photos and then back up at me saying “no… this isn’t you… no is it really? no it’s a model isn’t it… my wife is SO HOT!” It was such a great feeling to see how much he loved the photos. I feel like every woman should experience a boudoir photo shoot they will come out a different woman that’s for sure!

– Miss K

All Images used with permission


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Being A Boudoir Rebel

Being A Boudoir Rebel

So, you’re not one to toe the line, huh? You’re the rebel type, craving something that’ll make society clutch their pearls? Picture this: a Toronto boudoir session. Yeah, that’s right—embrace your inner renegade and flaunt it!

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