Lindsay has always dreamt of doing a boudoir shoot at my Toronto studio and finally took the plunge to do it. We had such a great time during the session. I know Lindsay came in a little nervous but that nervousness went right away once we started laughing and giggling during the shoot. All she had to do is take my direction and the rest is easy. If you look at the photos we created you’ll see she rocked her session! I’m so proud of Lindsay for doing something for herself and making a change to feel beautiful and sexy.

Why She Wanted To Do This:

“I’ve had a very difficult year to say the least and I am nearing the light at the end of the tunnel and would love to celebrate with a shoot. Last October I ended an 8 year relationship, and a 2 year marriage. It was one of those relationships where my morale, self confidence, and “sparkle” had been slowly chipped away at without even realizing it. This year I have been able to find myself again, including my own beauty.”


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