Firstly, thank you for booking your boudoir session with Provocateur Images. We’ve put together this guide so that you will have the information you need to get ready for your session with Provocateur Images. It’s not everyday you have to plan for a session like this so if you have a look at these simple planning steps you’ll be ready to rock your session!

What To Wear

Naturally, you would think boudoir is all about lace, garters, stockings and lingerie but sexy doesn’t always end with a trip to the lingerie boutique. There are so many more options to consider when it comes to what to wear and the right fit is always key to a great session.

Get Fitted | If you’re going to invest in a boudoir session you should buy some amazing lingerie. The thing is, we’d highly recommend buying something that is fitted properly to you. If you visit a proper lingerie boutique. You’ll not only find much better quality garments there will also be someone there to help you select the perfect size and fit.

It’s All About The Undies | Whether you’re shopping for undies or bringing in your own, the right pair of panties can make a huge difference. We have to talk about undies… There is a bit of a misconception out there that thongs are the only things that are sexy and that could not be further from the truth. If you want a gorgeous bum shot, look towards cuts like Brazilian, cheeky and even full bum. Unless you are pairing a thong with a garter belt thongs don’t have the same wow factor as the aforementioned cuts. Just make sure you get a size that fits you perfectly.

Never Underestimate Simple Clothes | So what else can you wear in a boudoir session? Well, there are lots of options because it’s not all about lingerie and complicated outfits. Never underestimate a tank top, loose sweater, dress shirt, silky slip, knee socks or any other clothes that you might wear on a day to day basis. A lot of the time, the sexy comes from you not necessarily what you are wearing.

Include Your/Their Favourite Sports Team | Sports can be a lot of fun to incorporate into a boudoir session and if you have a team jersey or equipment from that sport, BRING IT IN! We’ll work it into your session and this will add that special level of personalization to make your session unique.

Bring Your Birthday Suit | Sometimes the best thing you can wear is nothing at all and you’ve probably seen all over our site shots that are covered and yet not covered and that are right on the edge of showing something but not quite. Love your body for what it is and an art nude is never out of the question because your shape is the perfect shape.

There are also some additional blog post resources you can find on my wardrobe tips page

Wardrobe Tips

What To Wear

Wardrobe | We will have a video conference wardrobe consultation call a few days in advance of your session where we will figure out all the outfits you plan on bringing as well as any shoes/accessories that will go along with it.

Jewellery | I have plenty of pearls and props at our studio but hey, if you’d like to ring your own go ahead. Necklaces and body jewellery are the best options for you to bring. Earrings especially small stud earrings don’t show up that much in the photos so don’t stress over which ones to bring. If you have something long and dangly, those will be able to be seen.

Props | As for props, please bring those too they will make a nice addition to your session. props can include kink items, sports gear and other fun items. Your creativity is your only limit.

Shoes | Make sure you bring shoes that will match the outfits you are bringing. There is also no harm in buying shoes for your session and then returning them. I won’t tell if you don’t… I’ve also got a great blog post on the right shoes for a boudoir session if you’d like to read it

What To Do Before Your Session

There are a few things you’ll want to do before your session that will make it the best experience ever!

Book A Spa Day | I can’t stress to you enough how important it is to visit the spa for a manicure/pedicure and waxing if applicable. Your hands are very important in a boudoir shoot and there will be a whole lot of detail shots involving your hands. You wouldn’t want chipped or rough nails would you? Heck no! So book yourself a spa day just because and make that part of the boudoir experience!

Make A Music Playlist | There’s lots of music at the studio and I can stream all sorts of music but why not personalize it for your own session? The right tunes will get you in the right frame of mind and help you relax. Make sure to put together a playlist roughly 3.5-4.5 hours to allow for the time you’ll be in the makeup chair and taking pictures. If you bring in a playlist you want to stream I’ll also give you access to the studio WIFI.

The Day of the Session

Please Eat | Starving yourself is a horrible idea because a boudoir session is a WORKOUT! Trust me, you could eat a good-sized meal before your session and you’d never see it in the photos.

Arrive On Time | Please try to arrive 15 minutes before your start time if possible. Your session will start with hair and makeup promptly at the time agreed upon. There is plenty of street parking around the studio but please note, occasionally it can be difficult to find a spot. Also, you will receive an email the day before your session with a parking map and location details.

Wear Loose Clothing To The Studio | Please try to wear loose clothing because tight clothes will leave pressure marks which take 30-40 minutes to go away and it will also be more comfortable sitting in the makeup chair.

Arrive With ONLY A Light Foundation | If possible please arrive with only a light foundation or nothing at all as this speeds the makeup process along

Make Sure Your Hair Is Dry | If you washed your hair before your session, make sure it is completely dry as damp hair really slows down the hair styling.