Not too long ago we had Miss T back at our Toronto Boudoir studio for her own intimate photo series and it was, in fact, her second boudoir session with us. We absolutely adore repeat customers. Why? because we make boudoir an experience, which is why our customers want to do it over and over again. The experience we offer with an intimate portrait session can be empowering and make you feel sexier than you ever imagined, providing a real confidence boost. No wonder we have customers that come back over and over. This is an experience you have to do to completely understand.
Without getting into the personal side of Miss T, she had not been feeling so great about herself due to some personal issues. It is tough to get yourself into the right frame of mind and feeling great when you’re not feeling 100% about yourself. The thing is, Miss T is a gorgeous, intelligent and a super witty woman and part of the goal of this boudoir session was to remind her that beauty or sex appeal isn’t measured by a mould you’re supposed to fit into. Being sexy and feeling sexy is a state of mind that comes from loving and accepting yourself. We’re so happy that after coming in to see us again, Miss T walked out feeling confident and walking a little taller. Way to go, girl, you’re a knockout!


It was my second time shooting with Trevor. As always, professional and a great time. Loved the new studio! Loved hair and makeup! Most of all I loved how confident he made me feel. He is always able to bring the best out of his models. Not to mention, the end result. I thought I was someone else! I squealed the whole time! The book is of high-end quality. Very much worth it. Amazing experience.
I’d love to shoot with Trevor again!

All Images used with permission


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It’s Never Too Late To Feel Incredible

It’s Never Too Late To Feel Incredible

As a woman in her 50’s people had told Maryann that you shouldn’t do something like this. That your sexuality should be kept locked away. But to her credit, she not only did the boudoir shoot, she also gave a big ol’ middle finger to all the haters and did what SHE WANTED TO

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Sensual Black & Whites

Sensual Black & Whites

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