Never UnderestimateOur Amazing StudioOur Incredible Eclectic Boudoir Space

This Is Where The Magic Happens

When you look at our portfolio of amazing images you’ll be struck by one thing and that is the texture and depth to our images. We’re very fortunate to have our own shooting space that has been configured for boudoir from the ground up. Many other photographers could only dream of having the 6+ configurable sets that we do and they are here to serve as the backdrop for your luxury boudoir experience.

Our studio is located just east of the downtown core of Toronto next to the DVP with a view of the downtown Toronto skyline from our window. It’s a really cool, eclectic space with free parking around the building and great TTC access on the King and Queen streetcar lines at Carroll Street. Our studio is not your average boudoir studio though. The first thing people say when they walk in is, “OMG it’s HUUUUGE!” The next thing they see are all the rich colours and vintage furniture that gives us our signature look. It usually takes folks a few seconds to take it all in and this space is unrivalled in the city when it comes to boudoir studios.

When I started shooting exclusively boudoir I knew that I wanted more than anything to create a safe, welcoming, inclusive space. My goal has always been to change people’s minds on what “beauty” is and challenge what the media says your measurements are supposed to be to look good. I want to provide that luxurious, empowering experience that leaves my clients feeling like they can conquer the world. My studio definitely helps with that. It levels up the boudoir experience with its own dedicated makeup space and a bunch of great accessories for you to wear.