Welcome to our awesome studio. Provocateur Images shoots out of Vintage Light Studios which is the name we gave to our space because it just made sense. We have a ton of vintage props and a number of different shooting areas so we can deliver unique looks for everyone that comes into the studio. We’ve got big, beautiful windows that look at the skyline of Toronto or we can close the luxurious red drapes and light a dark moody series with our flashes. Either way, this studio is one awesome space to shoot in.

We have so many great sets and props to shoot on. We have vintage couches and luxurious bed sets. Dark and light walls too. There are just so many textures and ways for us to utilize the space. You’re going to love what we create for you in your intimate portrait session.

Our studio is a professional, commercial space. It’s NOT an apartment or a house. Why did we decide to go the route of having our own studio space? Well, simply put, it gives us far more flexibility to create a unique look for you and also a professional workspace is important for your safety and comfort. It’s kinda creepy showing up at someone’s house for a boudoir session canadianviagras.net.

The main thing to note about Vintage Light Studios is that it’s a body positive space and a place of respect. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible in the space. Boudoir is what we do in here and you’ll see why it’s the perfect space to have your boudoir session in Toronto. Have a look at all these great photos of our studio below.


I’ve got some great boudoir information in my boudoir guide you can download for free if you’re curious to learn more about a boudoir session with Provocateur Images