I came out a whole new person, confident, excited and feeling sexy. The real purpose of this photo session was to give an extremely unexpected gift to my husband on our wedding day…. however it turned out to be a huge confidence builder for me and an amazing gift for him, 2 in 1!

Simply Gorgeous

Take some inspiration from Miss R about being a mom and rediscovering her sexy. She did this session for her husband for their 10th wedding anniversary. Miss R started out saying she wasn’t sure she could do this and look sexy. By the end, we’d made a model out of her.

A mirror and a boudoir session

I love making people feel great and showing them that with a little bit of pose coaching they can look even better. The mirror in this case shows from all angles how sexy Miss A is. Way to go Miss A you killed your Toronto boudoir session and I couldn’t be more proud of you. Your husband is going to LOVE these images.

A Few Sexy Images From Miss A’s Session

Here are a few pics from Miss A’s Session and these are all from our noir shooting style. I remember distinctly that Miss A was a little nervous about not knowing what to do in front of the camera. She took my direction wonderfully and I’d say she did fantastically well. Not only that, she pretty much defines what sexy photography is all about right?