Rocking Your Curves

ROCKING YOUR CURVES Would it be fair to say that the media biases towards more slender figures? Does that shape our societal view on what beauty is? Sure it does. But you know what? I have a little secret I want to let you in on... Come on, lean closer to your screen, I'm going [...]


I had a potential client reach out to me the other day and something she said caused a reaction in me. I’m pretty sure she meant it innocently enough but it still made me think about her words and how I’m not sure they were ok directed at herself.


Whether you love lingerie or not it’s safe to say that lingerie and boudoir go hand in hand. But not all lingerie is going to be perfect for your session. So we thought, why not dispell 3 myths about lingerie that will help you have the perfect boudoir session with us at out Toronto boudoir studio.