ROCKING YOUR CURVES Would it be fair to say that the media biases towards more slender figures? Does that shape our societal view on what beauty is? Sure it does. But you know what? I have a little secret I want to let you in on... Come on, lean closer to your screen, I'm going [...]

The Sportier Side Of Boudoir

We have a lot of fun working with our clients to customize their Toronto boudoir photo sessions so that they can make them as personalized as possible. We get many requests to include and element of sports into their sessions. Looking back on it, we’ve probably shot pretty much every single sport; hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, football and even golf.. Yes that’s right. Golf. And damn it! We made golf look sexy!

Breaking Down The Taboos Of Being Sexy

Is it ok for women to express their sexuality? Yes it is. It absolutely is. But do many women feel it is really ok and are they comfortable doing it? Well… We’re not so sure. Women are told it’s ok to be demure, playful and flirty but not provocative, sensual and strong. We intend to change […]

Boudoir – It’s Not Just For Brides

By far our most common client is someone coming to do a bridal boudoir session with us in our Toronto studio. We love having those ladies come in because they tell us time an time again how amazing they felt when they gave the album to their partner on their wedding day. There’s nothing quite like the confidence boost you get when he looks at you with such desire after seeing the images. BTW, everyone adores the experience of the session itself too and would do it again in an instant!