Terms & Conditions

Client Privacy

  • Provocateur Images takes client privacy VERY seriously. You will never be tagged or referenced by name on any social media platform unless YOU request it. Your personal information or images will never be shared with any 3rd party either.
  • Images from your session may ONLY be used if:
    • The image is anonymous and any identifying marks such as tattoos and birthmarks are removed
    • Your written permission is given for an image(s) where your face is visible

Client Image Usage

  • As the photographer, Provocateur Images owns the copyright to the images captured and the client understands that they have no rights or claims to the images from the session either printed or electronic as per Canadian copyright law.
  • Clients may use the images as they choose from a session in NON COMMERCIAL applications meaning that the images can not be used for advertisement or re-sold.
  • The print licence allows the production of up to 8×10 prints by the client ONLY.
  • If full resolution images are required, then an extended usage license can be sold for the images that the client wants and the file(s) will be provided in high resolution.

Booking Sales Terms

  • In order to secure a booking, every session requires full payment of the package you choose before your session. All packages are  NON-REFUNDABLE.

Ordering Session / Ordering Finished Product

  • Ordering Sessions are held on the same day as your session roughly an hour after we finish shooting. We can also do Zoom calls under certain circumstances.
  • If you wish to modify your package at the ordering session you may do so. All packages are NON-REFUNDABLE. Once orders are placed, there are no refunds or downgrades.
  • If a second ordering session is required, that viewing will have a cost of $200 and if digital images have already been provided, additional image substitutions will be billed as per the package.

Payment Plans

  • You can break down your payments for the package you choose leading up to your session. This can be done as one payment or broken down bi-weekly or monthly.
  • There is no limit to how far in advance you can book so the longer in advance you book, the more you can break down the payments.
  • Post payment plans are also availalbe. There is no charge for up to a 90 day payment plan. After 90 days, there is a one time $100 admin fee added.
  • No finished product will be ordered until full payment is recieved.
  • All payment plans require a credit card be kept on file.
  • In the event of late payments or payments that are unable to be processed, a $25 flat fee per month will be added to the order.

Turnaround Times

  • Allow a minimum of 4 weeks for production and delivery of finished products from the time of your ordering session but longer timeframes may occur.
  • Provocateur Images can not be held accountable for late orders based on supplier constraints.

Rebooking / Lateness / No Show

  • Rebooking is permitted free of charge if more than 6 weeks notice is given.
  • If you provide 6 weeks or less notice, there is a $100 fee to rebook.
  • You will be provided a start time for your session and in the event you are more than 15 minutes late for your session that time will be subtracted from your session duration.
  • If you are more than 30 minutes late you will need to pay for an additional hour of shooting time $200. (schedule permitting)
  • If you do not show up for your session you will forfeit your payment.

Image Archive

  • Images purchased from your session will be stored and backed up for 1 year. Every effort is made to ensure backup of your images but Provocateur Images will not be held accountable if images from your session are lost after your viewing session due to hardware failure, fire, flood etc…
  • Clients are provided with a link to download their images. They are expected to download and backup their files. Image galleries may be removed if the hosting platform is no longer available to Provocateur Images

Makeup & Hair (If Applicable)

  • The client releases the Makeup Artist from liability for any injury, skin complications and/or allergic reactions. Every attempt will be made to determine allergic reactions before makeup is applied. The client further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Makeup Artist and all affiliates from any claims of liability, losses, damages, or any expenses whatsoever that may occur as a result of this service, including but not limited to the makeup application.

Limit Of Liability

  • The client acknowledges and understands that Provocateur Images cannot guarantee that any specific photo will be taken, nor an exact reproduction of an image supplied for inspiration. Provocateur Images will make every effort to accommodate the client’s wishes and acknowledges that there is a reasonable expectation of professional quality consistent with the photographers work.
  • The client understands that the work on display through websites, prints, etc. has been retouched and the client will get retouched digital files, additionally retouching outside what is included in the package is an extra charge.
  • Provocateur Images cannot be held liable for factors over which they have no control which may affect the quality of the photographs, such as client lateness or client drug/alcohol use.