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By Provocateur Images

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Your Photographer


Hi, I’m Trevor, the guy behind the lens. I didn’t start out as boudoir photographer, I actually shot portraits and headshots but after a client asked me to shoot a boudoir series of her and I saw the positive impact I had on her and how her confidence changed I knew I wanted to do that for every person in front of my lens. 10+ years on, I’m still shooting exclusively boudoir, showing women a sexier/beautiful side of them selves that they may have never seen before or perhaps forgotten they had. I absolutely love what I do and couldn’t imagine a better job where I get to make people see their self worth every time I pick up my camera.

How to

Get Started

The first step in the boudoir experience is to say to yourself, “I’m worth it and I deserve this experience” Then you just have to reach out to us for a no-obligation phone consult where we can answer all of your questions. From there if you choose to book you’ll pay a non-refundable session retainer and no other payments are made until we review your images roughly a week after your session where you can choose the photo collection that is perfect for you.

3 Truths

About Boudoir 


It’s an unforgettable and powerful experience that makes you feel like a boss lady and increases self-confidence.


You may be doing this as a gift for someone else but we guarantee that this experience is very much about you and celebrating you.


Boudoir is for ANY woman of ANY age and it’s for EVERYBODY and EVERY BODY type

Boudoir Timeline

Before Your Shoot

Start thinking about how you’d love to be photographed. Think about themes, props or anything else you’d like to work into your session. Because it’s all about making this experience as personal you can. Then you can start thinking about the wardrobe you’d like to wear. Go shopping, have fun with it and visit stores that you may never have visited before. When you have your rough outfit selection we’ll have a FaceTime call to go over your outfits and talk shoot concepts and your session wishlist. We’ll select the 3 outfits we’ll shoot and also talk about hair and makeup styles. We want you to feel prepared and excited for your session so all you have to day of is walk through the door.

Day of Your Shoot

On the day of your shoot all you have to do is show up and my team and I will take care of the rest. We’ll unpack your wardrobe and steam it for you if necessary while you sip on a complimentary glass of sparkling wine and start the hair & makeup process. Once the pampering is done it’s off to the fun part where we’ll shoot for 90 minutes and create some stunning images of you. And not to worry about posing and expression, you’ll be receiving TONS of guidance from Trevor as he coaches you through all kinds of poses that will flatter your figure.

After Your Shoot

We will schedule a Zoom call roughly a week after your session and review the images. We’ll choose the perfect collection for you and customize your order so that it represents you perfectly.

Common Questions

Who is Boudoir
Photography for?

Boudoir is for EVERY woman. Whether you’re completely confident and want to celebrate your sensual self, or have complicated feelings about your body and want to begin the journey of self love and acceptance, boudoir is for you!

But I don’t know
how to pose!

That’s what I’m here for! I’ve been photographing boudoir for 10+ years and I honestly believe that every figure is beautiful and I’ll help you see those angles that will make you exclaim, I can’t believe that’s me! With the right photographer, a boudoir session is easy and a ton of fun. I’ll guide you through the entire spectrum of boudoir, from sultry to playful.

Will you Photoshop my ___?
I have cellulite, acne, etc…

Every image you purchase will be aesthetically retouched. Temporary blemishes will be removed, some lines or bumps will be straightened, but I will not contort your body because I want you to see yourself exactly as you are: perfectly imperfect.

I’d like to lose x-amount
of weight first

I get it, we all want to look our best. But what you have to ask yourself is who are you trying to measure up to? Beauty is not defined by measurements. Certainly not the measurements that the media has given us. I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you see that they are enough and that they are beautiful right now. Exactly as they are. That’s the power of a boudoir experience with me.

Do my photos have to be
on the internet?

Not at all. Every woman you see in my portfolios have given me written permission to share the images. We can discuss this thoroughly during your ordering session.

Finishing Your Images

All of our collections come with some form of printed product whether it be one of our luxurious albums or an ultra-modern Glam Box. You can also purchase wall art too so you can really show off that gorgeous booty (or more). And of course the collections also come with the corresponding digital images so you’ll have the images to share with that special someone or glance at on any device you want. We’ll help you select the right way to finish your images when we show you your images at your viewing session a week or so after your shoot. Our collections are based on the number of images you choose so as you decide to go with more images, more is included with your collection. But don’t get too hung up about that right now because until you see the images, it’s very tough to select a collection. That’s why we do that at your viewing session and how much you spend is entirely up to you.

Ready to Book

Your Life-Changing
Boudoir Experience?

So if all this sounds like fun and you’re excited to either learn more or to book schedule a consultation call and we’ll answer any other questions you may have and pick your session date

We really look forward to talking and having you in our studio

Looking For More Information?

If you’re still looking for a little more information that’s cool. Why not get our info guide that will have a whole bunch of great boudoir information and what to expect in a session with us. Plus we’ll also send you some info by email so you can really see what a boudoir experience with Provocateur Images is all about!