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Behind The LensTrevor Sherwin

Hi, I’m Trevor, the guy behind the lens. I didn’t start out as boudoir photographer, I actually shot portraits and headshots but after a client asked me to shoot a boudoir series of her and I saw the positive impact I had on her and how her confidence changed I knew I wanted to do that for every person in front of my lens. 10+ years on, I’m still shooting exclusively boudoir, showing women, men and couples a sexier/beautiful side of them selves that they may have never seen before or perhaps forgotten they had. I absolutely love what I do and couldn’t imagine a better job where I get to make people see their self worth every time I pick up my camera.

True Exhilaration BeginsAt The Edge Of Your Comfort Zone

Retouching PhilosophyLove The Skin you're In

Let’s be real, there’s enough fake, overly photoshopped bullshit out there. The goal of a boudoir session with us is to show you the REAL YOU! 

We edit out anything that is temporary such as acne, blemishes, bruises, dark eye circles or wardrobe that fits just a little too tight in certain areas.

But I firmly believe that we should learn to celebrate all of our perfect imperfections. We will always err on the side of not doing enough vs going to far with a retouch

We are also more than happy to edit out areas you want some additional retouching too. All you have to do is ask!

OUr 4 Steps

Before you start any boudoir experience the most importatnt thing you need to say to yourself is: “I’m worth it and I deserve this experience” Too often we put other people first not paying attention to our own needs. Every now and again, you have to do something amazing for yourself. Here are the 4 primary steps in a boudoir experience

# 1. Save The Date

After you reach out, we’ll get your boudoir session scheduled 

#2. Planning

Once you book, you’ll be given access to our planning guides with loads of great information and inspiration

#3. The Session

In your session we’ll guide you every stwp of the way in our one of a kind luxury boudoir studio

#4. Select Your Photos

An hour after your session you’ll choose the finished products that are right for you with one of handcrafted albums or wall art


I was super nervous initially and ended up having a blast. I left the studio feeling empowered and more confident which is exactly what I was hoping to get out of this experience

– Neli

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