Top 5 Reasons Women Don’t Do Boudoir

I’ve talked a lot about the many reasons women DO come in for a boudoir session but I thought it might be beneficial want to talk about the the top 5 reasons they don’t. Many of you will read this and relate to why some women choose never to do this, but I’m hoping that you’ll be able to overcome the fear and come in for an amazing boudoir experience at my Toronto boudoir studio.


#5 – My Body Changed After I Had Kid(s)

There are very few women that look the same as they did before kids and that’s OK. I can’t stress that enough. Over the past 10 years of doing this, I’ve made it my mission to change the minds of moms and show them that the body they have can be, AND IS sexy as F. I know societal pressures make it seem like you have to ” measure up” to some set of numbers but I want to challenge that. And don’t worry if there are areas you’re a little self conscious about, we’ll make sure they’re hidden. posing can take away so many of those areas you’d be amazed. What I really want to ask is, what if you could feel more confident and carry that confidence into other aspects of your life? Wouldn’t you want to have that? 

#4 – I’ve Never Felt Confident Enough To Do It

It’s really understandable that going through with a boudoir experience sounds intimidating and downright scary. Many women look at this experience and think, “I could NEVER do that” or “I couldn’t look like those other women”. That’s why you’ve got me here to help with making this boudoir experience so easy. I’m your stylist, cheerleader, coach and photographer. If I could only tell you how many women I’ve photographed that said I can’t but then realized they COULD! What’s amazing about this whole boudoir session is that you come in with minimal confidence and you leave brimming with confidence. I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times now and I’m never going to get tired of seeing that lasting, positive effect I have on people.

#3 – I Have Nobody To Give The Photos To

I get it, most people think they have to gift the images from their boudoir session to a special someone and you’re single.  We’ll I’m here to tell you that the boudoir experience and what comes after is not about the other person, it’s all about YOU! I can’t begin to tell you how some of my most memorable, transformed clients did this ENTIRELY for them. They may have been single, divorced, or even in a relationship. But the core reason for doing this was because they wanted to treat themselves and make a positive change in their life.

#2 – I’m Too Old For Boudoir

Nope. Nope. Nope. Would it surprise you to learn that at least 1 in 5 of my clients is over 50? Yea that’s right, if you thought a boudoir experience at my Toronto studio was only for the 20 & 30 somethings you’d be COMPLETELY wrong. When you’re older you have figured it out and know more what you want. I’d argue this is the BEST time to do this. Age, like size measurements are just numbers so I say to hell with them and encourage you to do something amazing for yourself.

#1 – I Don’t Have The Money

I understand the cost concern because I know a lot of women put others first all the time. It doesn’t always have to be that way. When was the last time you truly did something for yourself? When you want something you will find a way to afford it. A boudoir experience at my Toronto studio is no different. I’ve made sure that everyone can afford the images and other finished products by having flexible payment plans to space out the payments for as much as 12 months.


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