One of the most daunting tasks our customers tell us about is not in fact getting in front of the camera in our Toronto boudoir studio, it’s figuring out what to wear at their Toronto boudoir photoshoot. If you’re investing in yourself and you’re coming in for a photoshoot the last thing you want to do is come in with wardrobe that isn’t perfect. Where do you start though? There are so many varieties of lingerie and it can be a little overwhelming. We do offer a lot of information when you book with regards to our planning guide too!

Not to worry though, we’re going to educate you on why you should ditch the generic lingerie stores like Victoria’s Secret, LaSenza etc… and go to a boutique lingerie retailer. First off, let me tell you that when you visit a company that specializes you’re going to pay a little more. But what you’re going to get in return is access to someone that knows what they are doing and will be able to help you pick out the perfect look for your Toronto boudoir session with Provocateur Images. Never underestimate the benefit of a fashion stylist at a specialty store. They will not only find you something that looks amazing but with better quality lingerie, it’ll also be something you can wear after the photo shoot in many cases and it will be more comfortable than anything you can find at one of the big box lingerie retailers.

If you’ve never been fitted for any type of clothing before, it’s a really cool experience in and of itself. When you get something that truly fits you perfectly it’s something you’ll want to wear all the time. Lingerie is no different.

We’ve collected a list of the best lingerie stores in the Greater Toronto Area and here’s a map of where they are located.


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