Well let’s see… What do YOU find sexy?? Because when it comes to sexy, sexy clothes, sexy lingerie, heck sexy boudoir photography, all that matters is how you feel and what you think. The boudoir experience at our Toronto studio is centered around you feeling comfortable and empowered. You might think to yourself if it’s a comfortable clothing item, it can’t be sexy right? Boudoir is all about lace, garters and stockings, isn’t it? Not exactly. Sometimes the sexiest clothes are the simplest.

Do you love the look of a thin cashmere sweater, with cute panties, and maybe a pair of socks while your at it? If that’s your schtick, then that’s what YOUR sexy is and I say run with it! Because a photography session in my Toronto boudoir studio is all about you. So rock your sexy however you feel most comfortable.

Once you walk in through the doors of my Toronto boudoir studio and your sexy photography session begins, the onus is on me; and I will coach and pose you! Maybe you’re thinking that you won’t be able to follow my posing and coaching, well I can guarantee you that as you are laughing and thinking you are looking awkward as ever I will be capturing the best shots of you. Not only that, you will be rocking those comfortable/sexy/comfortable-sexy outfits you brought in. Whether it’s a sweater, a t-shirt, a tank top, socks, full blown cotton undies, all the way to rocking garter belts, sweethearts, thongs, and 5-inch heels, what you want to wear, what you’re comfortable in is what you will look the best in.

So whatever it is you choose to wear on the day of your intimate portrait session have no fear, the whole process is a whole lot easier than you think and when you’re done with it you’ll most certainly love that super comfy sweater and those sexy panties!

Have a look at the images below for inspiration for your boudoir session.


Get access to my amazing boudoir info guide. I’ve worked really hard to make it a resource for planning your session but also answering all of the most common questions people have.
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