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Hey there gorgeous! I guess since you’re here on this page you’re probably a little curious about a boudoir session and we wanted to take some time to tell you a little more about it. You know, how it works, what to wear, what to expect. A boudoir session isn’t your typical photo shoot to say the least but it’s undoubtedly one of the most empowering, transformative experiences you can ever have.

“Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.”

– Mae West

One of the Most Popular Questions…


One of the most important things to note about all of our boudoir sessions is that we are here to make this as easy as 1,2,3! We realize that many people have never done anything like this before and it can be a little intimidating. The thing is, this personalized, luxury experience is not just about luxury, it’s about us helping you through the entire process.

1. Plan

Once you’ve booked your session we’re going to provide you with a comprehensive boudoir planner that will go over what to wear and style ideas to help you determine the look that’s just right for you. We’ll even have a wardrobe consult video call to review your outfits and provide styling advice in addition to shoot concepts and themes.

2. Shoot

Since your wardrobe and shoot concepts will be pre-planned, all you have to do is show up. The beauty team will spoil you and apply a makeup look that is soft and natural or sultry and sexy. The choice of course is yours. Then when we start shooting all you have to do is listen to Trevor as he guides you through poses & expressions. Although you may not believe us right now, a boudoir shoot is far easier than you think. No modelling experience required.

3. Order

About a week after your shoot we’re going to review your images on a  private Zoom call and we’re going to select the perfect way of finishing your images in either a book, glam box or a beautiful piece of wall art.

Admit it, you’re curious and you’d like to chat…

What’s Included In A Session?

There’s a lot that goes into a boudoir experience than you might think because it’s not just about the photo session itself. Each photo shoot has a $350 session retainer that covers everything listed below.

  • Access to our preparation styling guide
  • Pre-shoot wardrobe video consult
  • Professional hair & makeup, including lashes
  • Complimentary glass of sparkling wine
  • 90 minutes of shooting time
  • 3 outfit changes
  • Private ordering session 1 week after the shoot

Finished products and digital images are sold separately

10 Years Experience

I’ve got the experience to make everyone look amazing-er


100+ 5 Star Reviews

The experience is amazing and this many positive reviews will tell you why

5 studio sets

Our studio has 5 amazing different sets to shoot on to create a unique look for you

Luxury Experience

A boudoir experience with us is so much more than just a photo session

At Some Point, Every Woman Asks…


Naturally when it comes to boudoir attire, lingerie is the first thing that comes to mind. Of course you’re not wrong if you were thinking that but there is so much more than just lingerie to choose from. The thing is, there are so many different ways you can style a session from lingerie to casual clothes to nothing at all. This is arguably one of the most daunting tasks all women that are interested in a session face. But we have you covered in this area. First of all, right after you book you’ll get our planning guide which goes into wardrobe ideas and where to shop. Secondly, about a week before your session we’re going to have a video call where we review your wardrobe choices. This will give us time to help you pick the right outfits and style provide styling advice for them.

If you’d like even more styling advice, visit our YouTube Channel as we have a whole bunch of styling videos

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Inspiration below!

If Someone Offered You an Empowering, One of a Kind Experience Would You Do it?

What She Said…

“I recently did a boudoir shoot with Trevor. I was nervous going in, but Trevor and the hair and makeup artist were amazing! They made me feel at ease and comfortable throughout the whole process. The whole experience was great. If anyone is ever feeling insecure or shy about their body, I highly recommend doing this with Provocateur because it boosts your confidence, how you see yourself, and the whole team helps with bringing your inner sexy out.” – Esther

Everyone Can Do This


#1 I need to lose some weight before I do this…

The bodies you see in various advertising represents only about 5% of females who would match those measurements. Yes that’s right, ONLY FIVE PERCENT! So what about the other 95% of women? Are you telling me they are undesirable? That they aren’t pretty? Hell No… sorry if I’ve said this many times before but I believe EVERY body is beautiful. Why do you have to be part of that 5% to have positive outlook on your figure? Well I have news, you don’t need to fit those measurements to be beautiful. You’re perfect RIGHT NOW! It’s not a competition.
Be proud of the body you have now and although I love the idea of using a boudoir session to reward yourself for a healthier lifestyle, don’t chase goals that may not be realistic. Some of my favourite clients have been the ones that came to love themselves for who they were at the time of the shoot not someone that they were 5, 10, 20 years ago. Have a boudoir shoot to celebrate who you are now, and then have another if you loose 15lbs to celebrate how far you’ve come. Love yourself.

#2 I Don’t Feel Sexy Anymore So Boudoir Isn’t For Me…

WRONG. This is EXACTLY why you need to do a boudoir shoot. Often times, women loose touch with their femininity or sexuality when life gets crazy because of kids/health/work. It happens and it’s totally normal and OK. A great way to reconnect with that side of yourself again is to have a boudoir shoot done so it re-ignites that spark. I’ve shown so many women that spark that I’ve lost count but each time I can see it in the way they carry themselves after the shoot. It’s a magical transformation that inspires confidence and a new found sexiness.

#3 I Have Nobody To Give This To…

You have one really important person to give this to… YOU! And I’ll be honest, you’re the only person that matters. I know you hear about women giving the images to a partner but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past decade of doing this, it’s that you’re not doing something like this for someone else. You’re doing it for you. Even if you don’t realize it at first.

be bold. be provocative. be you.

– Provocateur Images



Once you watch Elayna’s testimonial video you’ll see she’s probably not that different from you. She’s not the measurements that the media says she should be to be beautiful (all BS in our opionion) What a boudoir shoot did for her is show her that looking good and feeling liberated isn’t about measurements, it’s about self acceptance. Our primary goal at Provocateur Images has been to show as many women as possible the beautiful side they don’t see and provide them with empowerment, confidence and a new found appreciation of their bodies.